Lecture notes

This page contains all the slides that I taught.

GSB 2019

  1. Bioinformatics: An Introduction Download
  2. Amplicon Seq and Metagenomics Download
  3. RNAseq Download

TIGP Introduction to NGS

  1. Introductory lecture [v2018] Download
  2. Introduction II Linux, R, and other-Tools [v2018] Download
  3. Genome Assembly and case studies [v2018] Download
  4. Read Mappings [v2018] Download
  5. From Alignment to phylogenetic tree (Jiang Ming Chang) [v2018] Download
  6. DNA/RNA preparation and different sequencing technologies (Meiyeh Lu) Download
  7. RNAseq and Genome annotation [v2018] Download
  8. Comparative Genomics [v2018] Download
  9. Population Genomics (John Wang)
  10. Amplicon / Metagenomics [v2018] Download
  11. Practical one: Linux and R
  12. Practical two: RNAseq mapping and EdgeR
  13. Discussion
  14. Final Report

Example Dataset

  1. myoviridae_healthy.txt (taken from R into with GGPLOT).
  2. worms.txt (Example taken from R exercises and examples).
  3. Survey2.csv (questionnaire survey).
  4. R examples in Lecture 2.


  1. NGS Analytics [v2019] Download
  2. Comparative and Evolutionary Genomics Download

TIGP Microbial Diversity and Ecology

  1. Fungal Diversity [v2019] Download
  2. Genomics of Eukaryotic microorganisms Download

長庚 2019

  1. NGS 次世代定序 Introduction Download


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