This page contains all the goodies on the internet also relevant to this course.

Lecture slides

  1. Workshop on all kinds of genomics [1] link
  2. Introduction to differential gene expression analysis using RNA-seq link
  3. Konrad Paszkiewicz. History of DNA and modern approaches to sequencing (2017) link
  4. Introduction to bioinformatics using NGS link
  5. Introduction to genome annotation link
  6. EMBL predocs python course link

Good reviews / papers / videos

Genome assembly

  1. Jang-il Sohn and Jin-Wu Nam (2016) The present and future of de novo whole-genome assembly


  1. Jovel et al., Characterization of the Gut Microbiome Using 16S or Shotgun Metagenomics


  1. Van Den Berge et al (2018)., RNA sequencing data: hitchhiker’s guide to expression analysis

Population genomics

  1. Sònia Casillas and Antonio Barbadilla (March 2017) Molecular Population Genetics [#f2]_
  2. The 100,000 Genomes Project - How We Get Results


[1]This is led by a small group of faculty at various institutions around the world. I strongly recommend any students to study the materials in here.
[2]A good revision on the history of population genetics in Drosophila